2018 - 2021 at Burgos BH pro cycling


James started racing aged 6 in London and soon became competitive. Last year aged 18 James had a strong year winning the Vuelta Pamplona GC a 8th place in Bizkaiko Itzulia GC and 5th in Tour of Scotland GC along with further stage placings against tough competition, riding for HMT with JLT Condor. 

James is a climber, however he can also be versatile and maintain position in the flatter or more technically demanding races. 


‘’I am very happy to start my pro career with Burgos BH pro cycling. The people in the team are friendly and they have a good race calendar. ‘’Its also a team where I feel that I can develop step by step, which is important being so young.’’

On the bike, James most enjoys the hard days in the mountains with friends and races in the warmth with mountains is his preference. 

James currently lives in Mallorca and is coached by Vicente Reynes (ex Pro cyclist IAM Cycling)  


His biggest dreams are to ride well in the Grand tours in the future and to make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but for now he will focus on developing step by step in Burgos BH.








Thanks HMT with JLT Condor


I want to thank the team for helping me by giving me opportunites in 2017 to show myself and develop into a professional for 2018. The team for sure had the best setup for juniors in europe with a great race calendar and very good infastructure. I was also impressed by the team of staff for the riders as this is a junior team! This really helped in the big races and taught some of the riders a taste of being professional. A big thanks to Tony Barrett and Mark Barry for their passion in developing the young in cycling, it really does help in the cyling community and i'm really proud to be their 2nd rider to go pro on the road. 

Finally a thanks to the teammates who helped me in the races, you know who you are!




6/10/17 New Partnership with Assos of Switzerland Clothing


Thanks to Assos for partnering with me, I will be training in some of the best kit money can buy. I look forward to testing their amazing products in the British and Mallorcan weather.  

Vuelta Pamplona 1st in GC and Points



Stage 1: 12th


Stage 2: 2nd


Stage 3: 2nd


Stage 4: 5th


                          Winner of GC and Points Jersey



Tour of Basque Country 8th GC

6/07/17 - 9/07/17


Stage 1: 7th


Stage 2: 25th


Stage 3: 7th


Stage 4: 15th


                          Stage 5: 11th


                          8th GC




                     Tour of Scotland 4th












Ronde Van Vlaanderen


Ronde Van Vlaanderen was an awesome experience. I really wanted to do this race even though im a climber as its so famous and the experience would be amazing. 

I made sure I was up front and in the first 10-20 the whole time so I avoided the crashes and was there for any attacks. The race started fast and remained this way throughout because there wasnt much wind. Not many attacks went because the pace was high until the Muur and then there was an attack. Unfortunately I only had the big chainring as the small one wouldnt work so when the attack happened I couldn't respond like I could with the small ring. I was able to finish in the bunch 61st but this was frustrating because the result could have been a lot better. The race was still amazing but hopefully I dont have problems like this later in the year in the mountain races in Spain.




Nokere Koerse 11/03/17


Nokeore Koerse was my first UCI belgian classic. It was a relatively flat course with the only climb being the Nokereberg. The race was fast from the start and everyone was fighting for position for the cobbles. There was lots of crashes because of this. Unfotunately one happend right in front of me and I had no where to go. I got back up and started chasing cause I wanted to get back into the peloton as soon as I could. I kept my head down and I was back in after about 3km chasing. I recovered and then regained my position near the front. On the second to last lap I tried to get away with a few others and bridge to the breakaway but could only get a few metres off the front, no one was letting us go. I sat back in and decided to wait for the sprint because I knew it wasnt possible to get away. I held my position but there was more crashes coming  down the decent and then on the Nokereberg itself so i had to try and avoid them. A frustrating day but thats bike racing sometimes.